Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pod Jr.

This is really old, but I've never put it on the net before. In 2004 my friend Becky and I bought an electric golf cart as transportation for Burning Man. I had a short time and REALLY limited budget to make it into a Jetson's style spaceship. That's me.
Here's the initial concept sketch I sent in to get a permit to drive on the playa.
First I bought a 4'x8' sheet of styrene for the skirt. I built a frame around the cart out of wood bolted on to the fiberglass body. I tried to find something that wasn't garbage cans for the engines, but time was not on my side and garbage cans were what they had at home depot.
I went to every Goodwill in Eugene, which has the best Goodwill's anywhere, and bought them out of vacuum hoses. My face burns with shame when I think of how much of this thing was held together with zip-ties. I think I used two cases of Ace hardware grey primer, which is secretly Krylon but cheaper.
We put as much lighting on as we dared run off it's little 12 volt battery. My wife here did most of the electrical work.
Here it is more or less done. Jessica there did the swank upholstery. My paint job sucked, but it would be covered in playa dust so quickly it didn't really matter. I finished the edges with split conduit and zip-ties again.
Here we are scooting about the playa. It handled like a donkey with fetal alcohol syndrome, and had no suspension to speak of, but it beat walking a mile to the honey bucket.
Some blurry night time shots.

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