Sunday, February 7, 2010


So here is some more old stuff. I took a furniture design course when I was in school and these are a few pieces I made for that. The first is a stool made from 2x4's.
Next I made this table out of a 4'x4' piece of birch plywood. I tried to use as much of the ply as I could, and ended up with less than 10% waste. The interior space is just the right size for my cat, but because I spent a lot of time on this he'll have nothing to do with it.
I had some extra bits so I made some cutting boards for family members. The board is hickory with a walnut handle. The inside corners on the handle were a bitch, and if I were to do any more I would just spend the time to make a router jig.

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  1. Remember when this furniture almost made me go into anaphylaxis? It's a good thing it looks so neat or I would have thrown it out the window.